Each of the specialized investment managers of Prudential Investment Management focuses on distinct asset types and strategies, and holds strong market positions in the asset class in which it offers products and services. Regardless of need, a strategy and solution can be delivered to help your organization meet its objectives.

Fundamental Equity

Jennison Associates

Equity Strategies
Jennison's equity management is grounded in the belief that internal fundamental research and a highly interactive investment process can lead to successful stock selection and superior investment performance. The firm's focus is on building client portfolios with stocks that Jennison believes will achieve above-market results over the period the firm owns them in client accounts. Jennison's equity investment capabilities include:

  • Large Cap Growth Equity
  • Large Cap Value Equity
  • Opportunistic Equity
  • Small Cap Equity

The firm also offers blend and sector strategies. All strategies are managed by experienced portfolio managers with proven track records, who work closely with Jennison's research professionals.

Fixed Income Management
Jennison structures fixed income portfolios to meet individual client return objectives. The firm works mainly in the investment-grade market by identifying attractive sectors and productive yield curve strategies while maintaining portfolio integrity with respect to credit and duration. The degree of risk taken depends on a client's mandate.

Jennison's bond strategies generally complement clients' equity exposures. Consequently, the firm seeks to construct portfolios that provide adequate alphas and that perform well in adverse economic times, when equities are likely to underperform.

Quantitative Equity

QMA combines analytical discipline and seasoned judgment to deliver customized investment solutions. Learn more

Quantitative Core Equity
A quantitative, disciplined approach that seeks to add value over a benchmark by systematically identifying and exploiting investor mistakes resulting from human bias. QMA develops rigorous, advanced-generation investment models based on internal research and external studies on investor behavior to identify opportunities in both United States and global markets.

  • Large Cap Equity
  • Mid Cap Equity
  • Small Cap Equity
  • All Cap Equity
  • International Equity
  • Emerging Markets Equity
  • Active Extension

Value Equity
A disciplined, quantitative approach that seeks to objectively and systematically identify undervalued stocks that have the potential to provide above-average performance as their prices rise to their long-term “normal” values.

Equity Indexing
A risk-controlled quantitative approach that seeks to effectively track the performance of a client-specified benchmark.

Asset Allocation
A quantitatively disciplined approach that allocates clients’ assets among a broad array of investment strategies and seeks to add value relative to a passively managed, customized benchmark portfolio.

Structured Equity
A disciplined, quantitative approach designed to provide customized solutions to client specific risk return objectives by synthetically creating desired investment exposures, using a combination of derivatives and physical securities.

Private Fixed Income

Private Fixed Income Investing
Prudential Capital Group manages capital in outside non-affiliated assets through its Institutional Asset Management unit and its mezzanine business, Prudential Capital Partners. Learn more


Fixed Income

Prudential Fixed Income offers institutional investors client-centered solutions across the fixed income markets, with a focus on credit strategies and liability-driven investing. We manage $565 billion* in assets with portfolio management and research teams located in Newark, NJ (USA), London, and Singapore. Learn more >>

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Broad Market Strategies

  • Core Conservative
  • Core/Core Plus
  • Global Core/Global Aggregate Plus
  • Absolute Return

Investment Grade Credit Strategies

  • U.S. Investment Grade Corporate
  • Global Corporate

Leveraged Finance Strategies

  • High Yield Bonds
  • Bank Loans
  • CLOs

Emerging Markets Strategies

  • Hard Currency
  • Hard/Local Blend
  • Local Currency

U.S. Long Duration

  • Long Government/Credit
  • Long Duration Corporate
  • Long Duration LDI


  • U.S. Liquidity Relative Value
  • Emerging Market Long/Short

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*As of September 30, 2015

Real Estate

Prudential Real Estate Investors generally offers clients broadly diversified equity real estate portfolios that seek to generate a high proportion of the total return from income while retaining the potential for appreciation.
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Core/Core Plus
PREI follows a disciplined investment strategy that incorporates investment research into the construction and management of core portfolios.

Value Added
A typical Value Added portfolio will pursue a strategy slightly more opportunistic than that of a Core/Core Plus portfolio, with a focus on superior income growth and appreciation potential.

PREI seeks to offer higher-returning strategies through a series of opportunity strategies, with a focus on investing in and through operating companies in attractive markets worldwide.

PREI's Global High Yield Debt team is responsible for investments in and management for strategies of commercial real estate debt products in geographically focused strategies.

PREI offers an array of real estate securities investment products designed to meet the needs of retail and institutional investors.

Commercial Mortgages

Prudential Mortgage Capital Company is one of the nation’s leading multifamily, commercial, and agricultural mortgage finance businesses. The company utilizes a broad array of capital sources to meet a wide range of borrower needs. Our regional offices are located throughout the country and provide access to all our products through a single loan officer, helping us develop and maintain strong working relationships. Learn more

Financing Options

  • Portfolio Lending
  • Fannie Mae DUSTM
  • FHA
  • Freddie Mac Program Plus® 
  • Affordable Housing Loan Programs

Prudential Mortgage Capital Company provides both fixed- and floating-rate financing for a wide range of qualifying property types in the United States, Mexico, and Japan.

Property Types

  • Multifamily
  • Office
  • Seniors housing
  • Healthcare facilities/hospitals
  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Industrial
  • Agriculture