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Global Capital Flows

The Great Mismatch:

Addressing Barriers to Global
Capital Flows

Capital around the world is being deployed inefficiently–large pools are not getting the returns they should, even as many needs for investment, both public and private, go unmet.

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The Wealth of Cities

The Wealth of Cities

Never before has the pace of urbanization been so rapid: some 60-70 million people will be added to the urban population each year for the next 30 years. Explore this megatrend further through articles, videos and pictures.

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Asset Allocation

Asset allocation remains one of the most effective ways to shape portfolio outcomes. QMA Portfolio Manager, Ed Keon discusses multi-asset class strategies that enhance return opportunities by actively allocating investment exposures to underlying assets in order to meet objectives and risk/reward profiles.

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Milken Institute Global Summit

The Urban 6 Billion

A Blueprint for Development

Over the next 30 years, the planet's urban population is expected to expand by 2 billion. Moderated by Taimur Hyat at the Milken Institute Global Summit, the panel discusses how the private sector can make cities of the future productive, livable and economically viable.

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Joseph D' Angelo

Joseph D' Angelo

Reinventing the Front End

Multiple shocks are set to descend on the front end of the fixed income market over the course of the next 18 months.

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Michael Collins

Multi-Sector Solutions

Prudential Fixed Income

Senior Portfolio Manager, Michael Collins discusses how macro-economic trends, global central bank policies, and market volatility create both headwinds and opportunities.

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Robert Tipp

Robert Tipp

3Q15 Fixed Income Market Outlook

Robert Tipp, Chief Investment Strategist and Head of Global Bonds and Foreign Exchange for Prudential Fixed Income, will summarize the current environment, and share his outlook for the fixed income market going forward in 2015.

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Michael Schlachter

Should a Plan Re-risk while

For a pension plan that is de-risking along a glideslope, smaller equity allocations could present an opportunity to revisit the active-passive decision.

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Ed Campbell

Ed Campbell

2Q15 QMA Outlook

QMA's Asset Allocation Portfolio Manager Edward Campbell provides an update on the outlook for the global economy and markets in this quarterly Video and Commentary.

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2015 Outlook: Panel Discussion

Snapshot of 2015 Economic Outlook

Prudential market experts discuss what excites and worries them in their 2015 market outlook. Topics range from confidence in the U.S. economy to concerns about quantitative easing in Europe and increased volatility across the globe.

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